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We would like to acquaint you with the activity of the Center for Biotic Medicine acting under the leadership of Prof. A.V. Skalny. Diagnostics of disorders in human mineral metabolism is the main Center specialization based on the unique method known as the method of Dr. Skalny in Moscow as well as in Commonwealth of Independent States and states of the world.

Center for Biotic Medicine (SMC ‘Element’) is an active participant of the medicine market of Russia already 20 years (from 1988), during this time effective help is realized to more than 220 000 people (!) suffering from diseases of skin (neurodermatitis, acne rash, vitiligo, dermatitis, premature aging, psoriasis, seborrhea), nails, hair (local and total shedding, fragility), allergy, metabolism violations (osteoporosis, excess weight, diabetes mellitus, urolithiasis etc.)., endocrine diseases, sterility, anemia, scoliosis, diseases of immune deficiency (frequent chills, disposition for cancer and others), chronic disorders of gastrointestinal tract (colitis, gastritis, ulceration), metalotoxicoses, including occupational diseases of workers of metallurgy, extractive and motor-car industries.

Attention patients: we remind you that the Dr. Skalny's method is intellectual property protected by law of the Russian Federation (reg. #2471). We regret that other doctors have illegally appropriated certain techniques from our clinic to the harm and detriment of their patients and thus violated the law. Please remember that we strive to uphold the strictest quality standards and patient confidentiality.

Save your health–place your trust in Dr. Skalny’s original method and accept no substitute.



11.04.2007 / New site ANO The Centre for Biotic Medicine was started.

New site ANO The Centre for Biotic Medicine was started

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