About usAbout us

About us

What makes CBM unique is its approach and methods of health improvement by means of diagnostics and correction of disturbed bioelement metabolism. Our team consists of chemists, biologists, physicians, scientists.

The strongest (among similar firms) scientific background, support by Trace Element – Institute for UNESCO, Federation SETEM, FAO.

Our basic principles:

Achieving and keeping a balance of bioelements will help you maintain health and efficiency, live a long, active and happy life!

For over 30 years of productive work we have been effectively combining clinical services and scientific studies in order to provide a modern and innovative professional approach to each and every patient.

Services that we provide

– Analysis of different substances for microelements, vitamins and amino acids.

How to choose a substance

*Customers outside Russian Federation can only order hair analysis for the time being.

When you have received your test results

Skalny Anatoly V.

Skalnaya Margarita G. 

Skalny Andrey A.

Ph.D., M.D., Professor,

pediatrician in Center for Biotic Medicine (CBM)

Ph.D., M.D., Professor, endocrinologist,

therapist in Center for Biotic Medicine (CBM)

Ph.D., pediatrician

in Center for Biotic Medicine (CBM)

   You can have the best opinion of one of our highly qualified doctors via Skype. During the consultation you will obtain a detailed interpretation of your test results,


an explanation of the changes in your body and their causes, and most importantly an individual course of treatment containing necessary medications and a diet plan.



Our advantages

Almost 30 years of commercial experience in this field – more than 500 000 customers from more than 50 countries

Use of original and unique medical treatment methods via supplementation and correction.

Hi-tech laboratory instruments, quality management certified by ISO 9001, international laboratory quality control in EQAS intercalibration network (External Quality Assessment Schemes: Occupational and Environment Laboratory Medicine.