We estimate and solve  the causes of diseases and weakness on the atomic and molecular levels

Professional, completely  safe and really effective!

Our mission

From personalized human balance regulation to harmony of

Mankind  & Environment

Long and successful life for everybody!

   Our goals
- To develop the new technologies of preventive, predictive and personalized medicine - estimation of bioelements, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids balance, as well as metabolism in human body - and implement them in public health
- To organize national and international scientific, medical, and educational cooperation in the fields of well-being, environment, sports medicine, anti-ageing, and rehabilitation

Basic principles

We are Frontiers in science, diagnostics and treatment

- Top science for everybody

- Integrative and holistic diagnostics and treatment

- Strong traditions of Dr. Skalny’s medical dynasty the best guarantee of responsibility, ethics and deontology

- Personalized approach - everybody is different and unique

- Translational medicine - the best way for the doctor -patient partnership