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Selenium-DS (100 Tablets)

There are no analogues in Russia and abroad to the formula of this biologically active dietary supplement (BADS).

"Selenium-DS" is a biologically active dietary supplement (BADS) that offers useful features of selenium in a form of selenopyran.
Selenium is one of the most important trace elements for a human body. It stimulates metaboc processes. It is a strong immunostimulating, antioxidating and anticarcinogenic agent with a wide spectrum of effect on the body. Selenium has the antiblastic property and able to resist toxic affections of heavy metals (lead, mercury). It speeds up healing and dispersion of wounds. Selenium deficiency leads to atherosclerosis, ischemia, rheumatoid, cataract development; increases risk of a heart attack. Moreover, selenium deficiency increases probability of male sterility, prostate tumor, skin, hair and nails diseases.
Selenium is known to be a trace element of youth that brings strength and longevity.

Indications for use in case of laboratory-confirmed selenium deficiency (Anatoly A.V., Rudakov I.A. "Bioelements in medicine'.- M .: Oniks 21 Century Publishing House: Mir, 2004. - 272 p.):
• dermatitis, eczema;
• poor growth of hair, hair loss;
• dystrophic changes in nails;
• decrease in immune defense of the body;
• liver dysfunction;
• insufficiency of the reproductive system (mainly male infertility);
• growth delay in children.

Suggested use:
As a dietary supplement for adults and children of 12 and older - 1 tablet a day with a meal.

Supplement facts:
1 tablet contains: 0,63 mg of selenopyran (0,132±0,0132 mg of trace element).

Store in a cool dry place.

Secondary effects:
Not detected.

• Not recommended for patients with hard kidney diseases;
• Possibility of individual intolerance to product components.

Special guidelines:
To increase treatment efficacy and to prevent possible secondary effects of taking BADS containing selenium and other trace elements it is recommended to define concentration of chemical elements in the body by doing the analysis of hair, nails, blood etc.

To determine trace elements deficiency or surplus in the body you can do a test using Dr. Skalny's system diagnostics in the Center for Biotic Medicine and its branches.