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Recommendations for use with laboratory-confirmed deficiency of cobalt (Skalny A.V., Rudakov I.A. Bioelements in medicine. – M.: "Onyx 21-st century" Press, Mir, 2004. – p.272):

• general weakness, fatigue;

• reduced memory;

• vascular disorders, arrhythmias;

• B12-deficiency anemia;

• retardation of growth in children;

• slow recovery from illnesses;

• neuro-psychiatric disorders.



Biologically active dietary supplement (food supplement) "Cobachel", combining the useful properties of cobalt and aspartic acid, is recommended for people with deficiency of cobalt and suffering from its symptoms.

An additional source of cobalt. It is not a drug.

Composition: 1 tablet contains 0.08 mg of cobalt aspartate (II) (~ 10 mg of cobalt, which corresponds to 100% of the adequate level of daily consumption of cobalt by an adult).

Pharmacological action: Cobalt is an essential trace element, which is a part of molecule of vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamine). Cobalt is a potent stimulator of erythropoiesis, the division of cells, increases the absorption of iron and hemoglobin synthesis, actively participates in the synthesis of protein, enzymatic processes and the formation of thyroid hormone, promotes the release of water by the kidneys.

The composition of this food supplement includes aspartic acid, which is known to be the essential amino acid and the most promising carrier of trace elements among the amino acids due to its unique ability not only to penetrate in the body systems which have the lack of other bio-elements, still also contribute to their accumulation in target organs. In addition, it has a tonic effect on the Central nervous system, improves energy metabolism, haemopoiesis.