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Chrome-DS (100 Tablets)

There are no analogues in Russia and abroad to the formula of this biologically active dietary supplement (BADS).

"Chrome-DS" is a biologically active dietary supplement (BADS) that combines useful features of chrome and asparaginic acid.

Chrome is a vitally important  trace element; it takes part in carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, activity of the cardiac muscle and vessels; it is of importance for ezyme and hormone metabolism. Chrome deficiency can significantly increase the risk of atherosclerosis and diabetes, it leads to protein metabolism violations, development of ischemia, promotes weight increase, nervousness, insomnia and headaches.
Chrome helps to overcome stress, improves digestion, promotes healthy weight loss and muscle strengthening.

Aspartatic acid is a nonessential amino acid which is the most promising micronutrient carrier among amino acids due to its unique ability not only to penetrate into those body systems that lack bioelements, but also to contribute to their accumulation in the organs. Besides, it has a tonic effect on the central nervous system, improves energy metabolism, hematopoiesis.

Indications for use in case of laboratory-confirmed chromium deficiency (Anatoly A.V., Rudakov I.A. "Bioelements in medicine'.- M .: Oniks 21 Century Publishing House: Mir, 2004. - 272 p.):
• fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, frequent headaches;
• increased cholesterol, triglycerides in the blood, the risk of atherosclerosis;
• changes in body weight (weight loss, obesity);
• decreased glucose tolerance, especially in middle-aged and elderly people;
• changes in blood glucose level (hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia), risk of type 2 diabetes;
• risk of ischemic heart disease;
• neuralgia and decreased sensitivity of the limbs;
• violation of muscle coordination, trembling of the limbs.

Supplement facts:
1 tablet contains: chrome asparginate 2 mg (0,2±0,02 mg of trace element).

Store in a dark, cool and dry place.

Side effects:
Not detected.

• Not recommended for patients with hard kidney diseases;
• Not recommended for people who contact with chrome on a daily basis at work;
• Possibility of individual intolerance to product components.

Special guidelines:
To increase treatment efficacy and to prevent possible secondary effects of taking BADS containing chrome and other trace elements it is recommended to define concentration of chemical elements in the body by doing the analysis of hair, nails, blood etc.

To determine trace elements deficiency or surplus in the body you can do a test using Dr. Skalny's system diagnostics in the Center for Biotic Medicine and its branches.