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Recommendations for use with laboratory-confirmed deficiency of cobalt (Skalny A.V., Rudakov I.A. Bioelements in medicine. – M.: "Onyx 21-st century" Press, Mir, 2004. – p.272):

• general weakness, fatigue;

• pain, muscle cramps;

• pain in the bones, gait disorder;

• disorders of the growth processes;

• hypocalcemia, hypocalcinosis;

• decalcification of skeleton, distortive osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, deformation of vertebral, fractures of the bones;

• urolithiasis;

• Kashin-Beck disease;

• immune system disorders;

• allergies;

• reduce blood clotting, bleeding.



An additional source of calcium in the organic form.  It is not a drug.

Composition: 1 tablet contains 408 mg of calcium aspartate (approximately 40 mg of calcium, which corresponds to 3,2% of the adequate level of daily consumption of calcium by an adult).

Pharmacologic effect: Calcium is a macro element, which is an important part of the body and has a high biological activity. Calcium is the building material of bone tissue, it provides durability of bones and teeth. It participates in the regulation of intracellular processes and blood coagulation, promotes the reduction and relaxation of muscles, it is necessary for normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems, prevents the development of allergic reactions and the formation of plaque, strengthens the immune system.

The composition of this food supplement includes aspartic acid, which is known to be the essential amino acid and the most promising carrier of trace elements among the amino acids due to its unique ability not only to penetrate in the body systems which have the lack of other bio-elements, still also contribute to their accumulation in target organs. In addition, it has a tonic effect on the Central nervous system, improves energy metabolism, haemopoiesis.