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Without analogues in Russia and abroad formula of biologically active supply to food (BASF) "Bio-Magnesium" combining useful features of magnesium and aspartic is good for human organism.

INGREDIENTS: 1 tablet contains: magnesium aspartate 285 mg (20 mg of trace element).

Pharmacological action :

Magnesium is an important intracellular element closely interacting with potassium and calcium in metabolism processes. It is known to be an antistressing mineral creating a positive psychologic mood. It activates enzymes system; it is required to provide "energy" of processes vitally important, regulate neuromuscular conduction of unstriped muscular system tone (vessels, intestines, gall- and urinary bladder etc.). Magnesium deficiency in organism induces development of diseases of cardiovascular system, gall-bladder, kidneys, goiter, children's convulsions; it disturbs pregnancy and childbirth, increases risk of oncodiseases.

Moreover, this major element has antiarhythmic feature, strengthens immune system. Magnesium stimulates recreation after physical trainings, helps you feel young and energetic.

Aspartic contained in BASF promotes better magnesium assimilation makes tonic action on CNS, improves energy metabolism, haemopoiesis.


Use and doses : adults - 2-4 tablets, children of five and older - 1 tablet a day, after meal.

Output form : 60 tablets of 0,5 g

Keeping : in a dark dry cool place.

Secondary effects : not detected.

Cautions : not recommended for patients with hard kidney diseases as well as with antibiotics simultaneously; possibility of individual intolerance to product components.

Special guidelines : to define concentration of chemical elements in organism by the analysis of hair, nails, blood etc. is recommended to increase treatment efficacy and to prevent possible secondary effects before BASF containing magnesium and other trace elements.

To determine trace elements deficiency or surplus is possible with a help of Dr. Skalny system diagnostics in the Center for Biotic Medicine and its branches.

Producer : ANO "Center for Biotic Medicine"