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Without analogues in Russia and abroad formula of biologically active supply to food (BASF) "Bio-Copper" combining useful features copper and aspartic is good for human organism.

INGREDIENTS: 1 tablet contains: copper aspartate 7 mg (trace element 2 mg).

Pharmacological action :

Copper is an essential element. It has significant role in regulation of oxidation-reduction, neuroendocrine processes, haemopoiesis, hair and skin pigmentation, synthesis of a goiter hormone thyroxin, formation of conjunctive tissue that is the base of musculoskeletal system, skin. Copper has the expressed antiinflammatory property, softens autoimmune diseases appearance (atrophic arthritis), promotes iron assimilation. In copper metabolism disorders lipid peroxidation acceleration and intensification that accelerates organism ageing process.

In the ancient period copper was known as the Venus - love and beauty goddess - element as this trace element promotes female sexual hormones synthesis, make women's skin, hair attractive and fresh, body - pliability and slenderness.

Aspartatic contained in BASF is related to the group of essential aminoacids. It both intensifies trace elements assimilation by organism and makes tonic action on CNS, improves energy metabolism, haemopoiesis.


Use and doses : adults - 1-2 tablets, children of 5 and older - 1 tablet 1 time a day after meal.

Output form : 60 tablets of 0,3 g.

Keeping : in a dark dry cool place.

Secondary effects : not detected.

Cautions : not recommended for patients with hard kidney diseases as well as people contacting with copper on a job; possibility of individual intolerance to product components.

Special guidelines : to define concentration of chemical elements in organism by the analysis of hair, nails, blood etc. is recommended to increase treatment efficacy and to prevent possible secondary effects before BASF containing copper and other trace elements.

To determine trace elements deficiency or surplus is possible with a help of Dr. Skalny system diagnostics in the Center for Biotic Medicine and its branches.

Producer : ANO "Center for Biotic Medicine"