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                                                                                Copper-DS (100 Tablets)



There are no analogues in Russia and abroad to the formula of this biologically active dietary supplement (BADS).

"Copper-DS" is a biologically active dietary supplement (BADS) that combines useful features of copper and asparaginic acid.

Copper is an essential and vital element. It has significant role in regulation of oxidation-reduction, neuroendocrine processes, haemopoiesis, hair and skin pigmentation, synthesis of a hormone thyroxin, formation of conjunctive tissue that is the base of musculoskeletal system, skin. Copper has the expressed antiinflammatory property, softens the manifestations of autoimmune diseases (such as atrophic arthritis), promotes iron uptake. Copper metabolism disorders causes lipid peroxidation acceleration and intensification that accelerates ageing processes of the body cells.

In the ancient times copper was known as the element of Venus - the goddess of love and beauty - as this trace element promotes synthesis of female sexual hormones, gives softness and freshness to the skin and hair, pliability and slenderness to the body.

Aspartatic acid is a nonessential amino acid which is the most promising micronutrient carrier among amino acids due to its unique ability not only to penetrate into those body systems that lack bioelements, but also to contribute to their accumulation in the organs. Besides, it has a tonic effect on the central nervous system, improves energy metabolism, hematopoiesis.

Indications for use in case of laboratory-confirmed copper deficiency (Anatoly A.V., Rudakov I.A. "Bioelements in medicine'.- M .: Oniks 21 Century Publishing House: Mir, 2004. - 272 p.):

• inhibition of iron absorption, violation of hemoglobin formation, oppression of hematopoiesis, development of microcytic hypochromic anemia;
• degeneration of the cardiovascular system, increased risk of coronary heart disease, the formation of aneurysms of the walls of blood vessels, cardiopathy;
• deterioration of bone and connective tissue, bone mineralization, osteoporosis, bone fractures;
• increased predisposition to bronchial asthma, allergic dermatoses;
• degeneration of the myelin fibers of nerve cells, risk of multiple sclerosis;
• violation of hair pigmentation, vitiligo;
• an inflammation of the thyroid gland (hypothyroidism, thyroid deficiency);
• delay of sexual development in girls, menstrual dysfunction, decreased sexual desire in women, infertility;
• development of distress syndrome in newborns;
• violation of lipid metabolism (atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes);
• depression of the immune system;
• accelerated aging.

Supplement facts:
1 tablet contains: copper asparginate 10 mg (2,7±0,27 mg of trace element).

Suggested use:
As a dietary supplement for adults - 1-2 tablets daily, for children of 5 and older - 1 tablet a day after meal.

Store in a dark, cool and dry place.

Side effects:
Not detected.

• Not recommended for patients with hard kidney diseases;
• Not recommended for people who contact with copper on a daily basis at work;
• Possibility of individual intolerance to product components.

Special guidelines:
To increase treatment efficacy and to prevent possible secondary effects of taking BADS containing copper and other trace elements it is recommended to define concentration of chemical elements in the body by doing the analysis of hair, nails, blood etc.

To determine trace elements deficiency or surplus in the body you can do a test using Dr. Skalny's system diagnostics in the Center for Biotic Medicine and its branches.