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Dear collegues!

Center for Biotic Medicine is a Russian leader in the area of elaboration and application of new techniques of diagnostics, treatment and correction of diseases concerning deficiency, surplus or misbalance of chemical elements in human organism specialized on deciding of all the aspects of the trace elements problem in medicine.

Contemporary analitical techniques (atomic emission spectrometry with inductively coupled aron plasma, mass-spectrometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, phluorometry, ionometry etc.), 15-years experience of scientific- practical activity, the unique experience of observation of treatment more than 100 000 individuals in different regions of RF and other states, carrying on more than 120 scientific wotks and the complex works, regional programs , including 30 dissertations on the problem of trace elements in medicine, guarantee high quality, timeliness and availability of benefits processed by ANO "Center for Biotic Medicine".

We would like broaden cooperation both the individual physicians and scientists and scientific-researching and medical-prophylactic institutions of the health cure system, medicine centers, providers of pharmacological production and biologacally active supplies to food.

We are sure your medical-recreative institution is respectable from the side of collegues and clients. Therefore we would be glad to cooperate with you to apply new kind of medicine benefits – the system diagnostics and individual correction of metabolism violations with the help of definition of the organism's elemental status, using the hair analysis, in your institution. We are sure it will strengthen your prestige and enlarge income of your business.

More than 50 000 persons have seen the effectiveness of the approach offered to broaden rehabilitation and recreation facilities of health resorts, including ones who gets facilities of the sanatoriums of Sochi, Pyatigorsk (Russia), Pula, Opatya, Split (Chroatya), Peschtiany (Slovakia), Okhrid (Macedonia), Zaltsburg (Austria), and the sanatoriums of JSC "KamAZ", JSC "RAF", PA "YuzhUralZoloto", JSC "Irkutsky aluminievy zavod", "Novosybirsky zavod of khimkontsentratov" etc.

Negotiations with the health resorts of Podmoskovie, Crimea, Altaian Territory and other soviet regions are carried on.

The scheme of the operational use of the results of observations in clinical conditions was elaborated at the base of the Federal Security Service clinical sanatorium (Sochi) – one of the leading institutions of the "health field"; sanatorium specialists under the leadership of the sanatorium director D.M.Sc. Belov A.T. work out new approaches to rehabilitate the patients' health.