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For patients
Why Us?
Autonomous non-profit organisation CBM is one of the pioneers in the market of medical services in Russia. It was founded by professor Anatoly V. Scalny in 1988 and is the first russian clinic of personalized medicine.
We were the first in the Eastern Europe and the USSR to implement the method of health evaluation by means of determination of chemical elements in hair (Dr. Skalny's method)® (since 1988)
We are trusted to solve problem cases such as difficult diagnosis or inefficiency of treatment.
We are partners with russian scientific elite.
We abide by the International standard on quality management (ISO 9100) and have been for mere than 15 years.
When you come to us, you trust your health to the team of universally acknowledged professionals: Professor A.V. Skalny (CEO of the Institute of Microelements of UNESCO, Lyon, France; Member of the Board of FESTEM (Federation of European Societies on Trace Elements and Minerals), professor M.G. Skalnaya (Member of the Board of ISTERH (International Society of Trace Element Research in Human), Member of the Board of FESTEM).
We are the only ones in Russia who developed the Medical Technology for evaluation and correction of disorders of mineral metabolism by means of hair analysis and registered it in the Ministry of Public Health.
We guarantee our patients the highest quality of medical services, safety and effectiveness of treatment.

Who needs Us
Patients with medical conditions, such as:
Immunodeficiency (for adults and children who are often ill);
Diseases of metabolism (excess weight, diabetes, arthrosis, osteoporosis);
Diseases of hair, skin and nails (alopecia, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, acne, vitiligo);
Diseases of the nervous system (neurosis, depression, cerebral palsy, autism, epilepsy);
Liver and kidneys diseases (hepatitis, urolithiasis);
Any chronic diseases resistant to medical treatment (therapy adjustments and nutrition);
Special conditions (to prevent deseases and improveme the quality of life):
Professional and amateur sports;
Chronic stress;
Pregnancy and lactation;
Rapid growth of a child;
Slow or delayed growth and development of a child.
The specialists of the "Center for Biotic Medicine" will help you solve these problems using the unique medical technology known since 1988 as The Method of Dr. Skalny.